Summer day in a British park

Summer day in a British park

Without exaggeration, living in the UK is similar to living at the North Pole. Although the temperatures aren’t the same, during the cold months and overly extended darkness, the Brits are left with barely any options to spend time outside. I mean, it’s not like the UK is the world’s most wanted ski destination either.

In 2017, the month of May kicked in with the summer in full swing, and retailers found themselves bringing out with confidence many lightweight, sheer and short items to the forefront. Equally as confident customers, including myself, encouraged by the summer vibes, gathered at the teals of high-street stores or posh boutiques to add exciting, new items to our thick and boring wardrobe. The ‘flowy’ ruffle tops and dresses have been rocking the fashion scene this spring/summer season.

Before we dive into more fashion, writing a blog post about a day in a park is not a coincidence for me. Truthfully, I would like to first talk about why spending time nature is so beneficial for our mental health and overall wellbeing.

We are energy

The first thing that comes into my mind is how connected we are with nature through energy. Have you ever asked yourself, when you go into nature by yourself, do you feel alone or accompanied regardless? I feel the opposite from alone. I am  so happy and connected as we are surrounded by so much life filled with pure and positive energy.

Whether you have embarked on your spiritual journey yet or you are just awakeaning, a walk in the park gives you enough positive energy to fuel your entire week. It also provides the amazing tools to take your mindfulness or yoga practices to the next level. The fresh air contributes to the detoxification of your body including the brain cells and lungs.

The questions is, are you making the most about your time in nature or you are on you are scrolling through your social feeds? I will write a more in depth blog on this topic in the future.

Summer day in a British park | Andra Miclaus BlogSummer day in a British park | Andra Miclaus Blog

Nature = Creation

Are you a creative person? Do you have to utilise your creativity in your day to day job? Are you working on your own project right now? You need to get you some nature baby! The vibrancy surrounding a wild park or a hike in the hills is feeding your cellular movement and enhances your intellectual abilities. All the colours and sounds found in nature are great tools to utilise and practice your attention to detail skills.

Summer day in a British park | Andra Miclaus Blog

Let’s dive into the summer fashion

This year’s spring and summer fashion hits so close to home for me. The ruffles remind me so much of the dresses I was wearing as a baby or a young child.  Even the fabrics are the same at touch, which often give me a deja-vu. The top (H&M) in the pictures is exactly what I mean. I sometimes question myself whether I should wear it as it is too cute. Thumbs up to all designers who woke up one morning, went to the nature and said: “Let’s make baby clothes for adults!”

My outfit was all cute and bohemic until I threw a light, gold, shiny bomber jacket over my shoulder and a pair of hexagon, rose-gold, mirror sunnies I had purchased from Top Shop.

Summer day in a British park | Andra Miclaus Blog

I’ve decided to pair the top with a pair of vintage wide leg white trousers. These are so comfortable and have a high waste, which goes perfectly with a sheer top.

Last, but certainly not least, the piece of resistance, I wrapped this look up with a leather chocker and a sack bag from Primark. I was lucky to find this gem of a bag last September before Caleb (my partner) and I headed to our first lovely holiday in Morocco. Ever since, I have beeen pairing this bag religiously with various looks from jeans with a leather jacket and sandals to maxi dresses and wedges.

Summer day in a British park | Andra Miclaus BlogSummer day in a British park | Andra Miclaus Blog

All in all, this day in the park had been an iconic day for me, spent with family and creating unforgettable memories and chats in the middle of our beloved mother nature. I encourage you to take a risk and give what’s true and authentic a chance, while being greatful for what you have and spreading your good energy to the ones around you. Trust me, it will pay off.

Bloopers 🙂

I was feeling myself in this photograph, however, I made that tree look very comfortable…it wasn’t.

Summer day in a British park | Andra Miclaus Blog