9 steps to help you choose the right career

9 steps to help you choose the right career

If you are tired of stressful job interviews, if you are fed up with feeling scared to answer questions about yourself and you career choices, if you hate applying for jobs because you know you’d have to lie your way throughout, follow these simple steps which will put your mind at ease and help you make the right choices. It’s about time…your time to shine!

I am sure many of you can empathize with me on this one; the feeling you get when you go for a job interview and the scary person across starts to ask “What are you good at?”, “Why would you be suitable for this role?”, “Why are you interested in our company?”, “What do you expect from us if successful?” and you sit there and feel like the world’s most horrific happenings had just collapsed in your head, you start sweating and feeling sick to your stomach…who needs that in their lives?

You should never feel like sitting in a police station being interrogated in the middle of the night, feeling all unsure, doubting yourself, contemplating whether you are worthy, wondering “Am I good enough?”, “Do I deserve this?”. Let’s put a stop to the whole “fake it `till you make it” concept today and have some faith in our abilities, let`s make suitable decisions for ourselves.

“Interview with a vampire” (if you don’t feel quite like a vampire yet, start now – prove that you want it!).

Sit down with yourself and have a conversation. We all get swallowed up by our daily busy schedules, but you need to bring it down a notch, stay strong and grounded and talk to yourself at times. Write down notes about the explained below.


Set your skill set based on past achievements. You should always write down your achievements. If you have not been doing that, think of times when you mastered a situation and what tools/skills it took for you to achieve that.

Study your personality

You must find a career that suits the way you are in order to enjoy about a third of your life. According to sociology studies we spend 30% of our lives working and 30% sleeping. Now, if we take away the sleeping part it means we work half of our lives! You must ask yourself: are you an extrovert, do you base your decisions on feelings or you think twice  about it before you make them, would you say you are a pragmatic individual, are you creative or inclined more towards organisational activities, what stimulates you: quantity or quality? These and a lot more are crucial things you must know about yourself when choosing the sector you should work in. You could do a career test to get an indication of what characteristics you may have.

  1. Study your hobbies – no one has ever told you how to spend your free time, right? You choose your hobbies based on your inner desires, they help you fulfill your unmet needs and make you feel special. We have less and less time for fun and more work to complete therefore it is a must that we choose our careers wisely. Furthermore, you will be asked about your hobbies at job interviews so it is important that the way you spend your spare time matches the job requirements.
  2. Think about what you enjoy the most about your current job. If you enjoy sitting in your office by yourself and getting on with your work on a regular 9 to 5 schedule then chose a career that requires you to do so. Write down the key facts that you enjoy the most about your current position, whether it’s all the admin stuff, interacting with clients, being on the phone to people all day, doing research or being in charge of organizing and managing activities. Find that something that makes you content. Along the same line, write down activities within your job that you would do differently and why. To make it easier, if your boss came tomorrow and asked you to take on more responsibility for a pay rise, but you had the chance to choose between quite a few different activities within the company, what would it be? On that note, I cannot stress enough on being open to change which means progression, it makes you smarter and more qualified so stay switched on irrespective of your age.
  3. Think who inspires you and why. Think of your idol and what you follow the most on their social medial channels. Whatever tickles your pickle about the things they do on a daily basis and that your read about in articles and reviews, put it down. Also write down the skills they have, you admire and wish to excel at.

Take initiative

  • In case you are a few qualifications away from your dream job, start doing something about it today! If you have not got the time and money to go (back) to university or go for a Master’s Degree, I recommend taking any courses that fall under your hand, for instance Vision2Learn (Government funded free courses awarded by Bromley College in New Castle). The company has flawless customer services. I have completed two courses with them and I am very pleased with the whole process.
  • Do not be afraid to ask your mentor/organisation what is that they see great in you. Sometimes this might arise new opportunities for you. It will definitely help you find out more about yourself from a professional perspective and it may give you a good idea about the things you need to improve on.
  • Take a career quiz from The Muse.

In order to achieve all your dreams you must put out that positive energy. Think about what it would feel like to get that “yes” from your dream employer one day. Would you be happy? Would you feel butterflies in your stomach? That kind of energy and emotions should run through your body at all times for positive returns and happenings in your career and day to day live.

The steps above will give you a broader understanding of what you enjoy doing, of your potential and desires and will ease the process of matching those with the appropriate job role. Last but not least, I strongly recommend Glassdoor where you can check inside information about a company, employees reviews on the company and vacant job roles they might have. You could also use Glassdoor to get in contact with the employees on their social media platforms and ask them more questions about the recruitment process of the company you are interested in and further tailored advice.

Hope this article helped, please comment below because I am only at the beginning of my blog and I could use every bit of advice and feedback. Let me know if you want me to research/write about any topics. Cheers!

AM 🙂


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