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take a minute blogHey there, buddy!

Very nice to meet you and welcome to my sanctuary, the underground scenes of Take a minute blog. You landed on this page, I suppose because you are curious to find out a few facts about who is responsible for stealing away your spare minutes while you are waiting for your train, maybe looking for an excuse to avoid making eye contact with the grumpy person sitting opposite from you, or who is entertaining you while you are having your cheeky cigarette out the back of your office and I, as the author, will ensure to help you find out exactly that.

Guilty as charged, that is me, Andra Miclaus, forever hopeful, immensely stubborn and aspiring PR professional. Take a minute is the tool I use to share my professional journey as a foreigner in England trying to break into PR. Many experts say it is difficult for diverse workload individuals to land a role in the industry or even to get a promotion once working within a PR agency. My main goal is to inspire and convoke you in perusing your dreams.

As a communications and PR graduate (not necessarily useful to get your foot in the door) with little event management experience whilst a student in Romania, I have taken my first steps on UK territory in the autumn of 2013 dragging along one massive suitcase and holding about £1000 in cash, with a heart the size of a chicken nugget. Living in London at first, like any other enthusiastic immigrant, I embarked into the hustle and bustle train express and I have been pulling a few Sales and Customer Service roles as they are quick and easy to get into. I must say it took me a little while to learn how to pronounce names of herbal, nutritional and sports supplements administrated for paining joints which I had to sell or learn to master the art of solar panels and ground source heat pumps in order to advice citizens to become Green and save money on their energy bills. Nonetheless, I find every role that I do rewarding to some extent, ever though I have always felt there is more to me and my abilities.

“What matters most is how you see yourself”

Certainly leaving London to move along the South Coast down in “sunny” East Sussex, about one hour train journey away from all my friends (just me being dramatic as always-smile) was not easy, but it inspired me to take time off and figure out my career steps. I still believe in honesty, transparency and seeing the world through a child`s eyes, yet pragmatic and aware of the acerbic employment world out there. I am a mover and a shaker, therefore Take a minute is the baby product of that combination, a place where every minute spent on this platform must educate, invoke emotion and desire to take action, last but not least, a place of entertainment! I focus on short one-minute rich in content reads. I thrive for a therapeutic plugin which will bring either an expressive big smile or a silent inner inspirational smile on your faces in some of the most stressful days of your careers/lives. Take a minute is the expression of what I think is authentic, profitable and fun to explore in an assertive manner.

I refuse to create a wall of display, I want it to be a two-way street where you feel at ease to participate in an open conversation about some of the most trended subjects today.




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